Above Zero: Thermosensitive clothes line for kids


For a XD MFA project I was given a random need with random stakeholders: Apartment, father, preserve and energy, from which I decided to focused in how parents worry about their kids being warm during low temperatures. After doing research on sustainable ways in which artifacts could preserve heat in a kid-friendly way I decided to go with thermo sensitive technology for clothes. Finally, a design outcome was created: A clothes line for kids that will teach them to know how many layers are required for different temperatures in a fun interactive way.

How it works: As a result of research and aiming to inspire a thirst for knowledge in science and self care, I created a simple yet efficient measuring system for kids, in which they learn to control how many layers they need depending on the climate outside. This by using thermo sensitive materials that change depending on the temperature. By following our graphic, which is included in every piece of clothing, kids can compare how many snowflakes are worth the clothes they are planning to wear and how many they still need to remove or add in order to accomplished the same amount of snowflakes that represent the color that the thermo sensitive label shows the most. The colder, the more red the thermo sensitive label will be, in this sense the hottest the more blue the label will show.