Designing for empathy: Intersectional.

Feminism is being receiving mostly as a negatively movement for a long time. There are many reasons why this is happening. This view of feminism is not only perceived by men, but also women. This is why is an important problem and we must try to address it.

Somewhere along the way the foundation of feminism was misinterpreted as hating men or as a destructive way of thinking for conservative households. What we aimed to address is how there is a new wave in feminism, the 4th wave, which is trying to advocate what feminism really stands for: Equality of rights for both men and women.

The 4th wave is trying to achieve everything that feminism stands for, however is a tough fight keeping in mind how the term feminism has been corrupted throughout the years. It is hard to showcase the movement as equal rights for men and women when many people have tried to excuse their hating actions on the movement. We are trying to let people see what 4th wave stands for and how we can achieve equality of genders by helping each other, no matter the gender, race or nationality.

4th wave feminism aims to achieve this by using the intersectional theory as its workframe. This theory implies that everyone is involved in the movement and instead of someone being the voice for a minority, that someone will give a chance to the minority to talk for themselves.

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