Design in adaptation to droughts and heat waves

AWARD WINNING thesis for my MFA in Experience Design. It is focused on how to help farmers in Lerida, Tolima and colombian climate entities to communicate better. There is a communication gap between farmers in Lerida, Tolima and colombian climate entities which contains information that is vital to better control farming operations. This project addresses this problem by improving the communication platforms between farmers and the technology available to help farmers by using design. The goal of this project was to enhance communication platforms between farmers and climate entities, different design theories and UI/UX tools were implemented to improve this communication.

Currently, the design solutions and technologies available to rural farmers are not effective, accurate or user-friendly, these technologies were not designed with rural farmers in mind, they do not have access to the information that they need on a platform that is easy to navigate. This research aims to to enable farmers to get the information they need. It was economically relevant to invest in this problem in the area: Lerida, Tolima. because rice field farms are the first employment opportunity in town (Yanes, 2013). Mitigation adaptations and better communication would be very beneficial to the area (Ramirez-Villegas, n.d.).

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